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Eco Group, School Council & Ethos group 2021-2022

Eco Group 

Our Eco Group is Cameron W., Brienne W., Oliver C. and Sabiha K.

RSPB Wild Challenge Bronze Award


Download our step-by-step activity sheets that show you how to make some simple but effective homes for nature:

Your family has the opportunity to participate in an important national investigation.

The Big Plastic Count is the UK’s biggest ever investigation into household plastic waste. By counting your household plastic waste packaging for a week, you and your child will help tackle plastic pollution.

The survey will take place from Monday 21 March to Sunday 27 March.





This year is crucial in the fight against plastic pollution. The Government is deciding targets to reduce plastic waste. With your help, The Big Plastic Count will uncover the truth about how much household plastic is recycled, presenting real evidence that will persuade the government to take action.

This isn’t about rating your recycling habits, so don’t feel embarrassed by how much you throw away. Everyday plastic is hard to avoid. That’s what we want to change. By taking part in The Big Plastic Count, you and your family are part of the solution.

After all, recycling alone cannot solve the plastic crisis. There needs to be less plastic in the first place. That’s why our mission is for the government to set a target to reduce single-use plastic by 50% by 2025 and to ban waste exports to other countries. Find out more about waste exports here:

We invite your whole family on this journey. Together, we can uncover the truth about plastic recycling and stop everyday plastic at the source.




From Monday morning until Sunday evening, either:


  1. Collect then count: Collect your plastic waste in a separate bag and count it at the end of the week using the My Tally Sheet your child brings home. Or:
  2. Count as you throw: Count every piece of plastic package as you throw it away by tallying it up on your My Tally Sheet.




  • We want to tally all of the plastic packaging you use in a week, including on-the-go items like take-away cups, plastic bags and fast food packaging. So count what you buy when you're out and about, as well as household items.
  • Use the Plastic ID page to help you categorise your plastic.
  • Count everything! This means all plastic packaging.
  • Tell everyone you live with to count or collect each piece of plastic they throw away.
  • Don’t forget bathroom waste and packaging from the post too!
  • Put your My Tally Sheet somewhere noticeable like on the fridge or next to the bin to help you remember that it’s The Big Plastic Count week.Tallying your plastic for the week might sound like a lot but it should only take a couple of minutes out of your day. Once your household has completed the survey, your child will:

Recycle your Electricals

If children and families take any old unwanted electrical items to a Curry's store between the 17th March and the 14th April, they will receive a £5 voucher to redeem against any item priced over £25.  If our families then register online, they stand a chance of winning £5000 of Microsoft tech for our school!  Please see attached 'hidden treasure' activity sheet for more information.

Ethos Group 

Our ethos group (from left to right) is Sana, Paisley, Emmie and Kai. They are supported in worship by Bella, Barney, Rev. Peter and Bob the puppets. 

Prayer for hospital and medical staff

Gracious God,

Give skill, sympathy and resilience to all who care for the sick

And your wisdom searching for a cure for Coronavirus.

Strengthen them with your spirit that, through your work, many will be restored to good health.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord





Prayer for someone ill or isolated

Heavenly Father, 

Help me to trust you

Help me to know you are with me,

Help me to believe that nothing can separate me from your love

Revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord.


School Council

Our school council is Paisley (Year 6), Cameron (Year 4) and Mollie (Year 5).