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School Council & Ethos group 2021-2022

School Ethos Group

Our ethos group (from left to right) is Sana, Paisley, Emmie and Kai. They are supported in worship by Bella, Barney, Rev. Peter and Bob the puppets. 

Prayer for hospital and medical staff

Gracious God,

Give skill, sympathy and resilience to all who care for the sick

And your wisdom searching for a cure for Coronavirus.

Strengthen them with your spirit that, through your work, many will be restored to good health.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord





Prayer for someone ill or isolated

Heavenly Father, 

Help me to trust you

Help me to know you are with me,

Help me to believe that nothing can separate me from your love

Revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord.


School Council

Our school council is Paisley (Year 6), Cameron (Year 4) and Mollie (Year 5).