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Sports Premium

As part of the legacy of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, schools in Britain have received substantial funding. At Green Haworth, we will be using this funding for the following purposes:

  • To give our children free access to a wide range of sports and healthy activities through P.E and after-school clubs.

  • To provide county-wide competition in a range of sports.

  • To ensure that children of all ages experience competition against other schools in the borough.

  • To utilise high-quality facilities that we would not normally be able to access.

  • To train staff to a high level of coaching so there is sustainability beyond having access to Legacy funding.

  • To help children make positive decisions regarding healthy lifestyles.

Sports Premium Grant 2016-2017 (allocation £8,355)


Report by Mrs. Gleadhill, P.E. co-ordinator

The Sports Premium funding was allocated to the school from April 2016 for the academic year. The grant must be used to enhance provision of sports and PE across the school (Years 1 – 6) to encourage participation in sport and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The funding is ring fenced and therefore can only be spent on PE and sports but have the freedom to choose how to do this. At Green Haworth pupils have 2 hours of sport per week and are offered a great variety of after school clubs lead by outside providers and staff, who generously give up their time. Our belief at Green Haworth is that PE and sport should be all inclusive and that and whilst we believe in nurturing talent we believe in giving opportunities to all pupils so that those who may not normally develop a healthy lifestyle may be encouraged to do so.




Accrington Academy School Sports Partnership

Access to the local sports events, training for staff and pupils.

All children benefit from attendance at competitions and festivals representing the school. A marked improvement has been seen in certain events compared to previous years’ results, particularly in cross country.


Accrington Stanley Community Trust – after school clubs

All pupils are able to access quality coaching in after school clubs which cover a variety of sports. All are fully inclusive and are available from Year 1 to Year 6 pupils. This also supports our local football club.

All children able to participate in after school clubs learning different skills.

Pupils experience sports that might not be covered by the curriculum.



After school clubs – martial arts and dance.

All children able to participate in after school clubs learning different skills.

Pupils experience sports that might not be covered by the curriculum.


Leisure in Hyndburn (Swimming lessons)

After recognising that swimming was an area for development for our pupils and in order to ensure that our pupils meet the statutory swimming distance of 25metres by the end of Year 6, extra swimming lessons have been provided. Our pupils now attend swimming lessons for a term in class 2 and a term in class 3. These should ensure that our pupils leave school with this essential life skill.

Most pupils able to swim confidently by the end of Year 6.


Coach for swimming lessons


Children learn important safety skills.


Whalley Abbey Church Cluster Olympics Day

Cross curricular RE and PE day at Whalley Abbey for Year 4 pupils.

Children mix with other pupils from different backgrounds and plan and provide activities for these pupils as well as taking part.


High Rollers Mobile Skate Park

Skateboarding after school club

Pupils have tried a sport that they might not have the opportunity to try.


Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation

Netball posts and protectors, netballs and bibs. Balls of various sizes for PE lessons and outdoor play.

Pupils can prepare better for the netball league and play netball in PE lessons. Less incidents at playtime as pupils are involved in setting up and playing games.


Jacqui Lowe – Tennis Coach

Class 2 and 3 Tennis lessons and an after school club led by a professional coach.

Pupils able to learn from a professional coach and staff development when observing the lessons.


Sports Premium 2015-2016


The Government are continuing with their grant allowance, called the ‘Primary P.E. and Sport Funding’, to support all children and improve the quantity, quality, and breadth of P.E. and sport provision.

Our indicative Primary and Sport Funding for 2014/15 is £8000 plus £5 per pupil. Schools will be given 65% this year and 35% next year.



  • Being a member of Hyndburn School Sports Partnership allows us to participate in almost 30 different inter-school sports competitions. As part of this group, we also have access to highly-trained effective coaches to liaise with teaching staff to increase knowledge and provision. Support was provided in order to receive the nationally recognised P.E. Quality Mark (Silver), CPD opportunities for the P.E. Coordinator and access to Change4life resources.

  • 13-weeks swimming programme per year for every child in KS2

  • Providing a ‘Change4Life’ club that is aimed at improving the lifestyle of identified children in KS2 who are sedentary.

  • Utilising Hyndburn Leisure Centre for specialised provision and coaching such as swimming, trampolining, indoor athletics and Basketball.

  • Provide staff CPD opportunities by observing and ‘shadowing’ sports coaches at Hyndburn Leisure Centre and professional coaches in school. Staff will use this time to upskill their knowledge on teaching and leading PE within the school.

  • Hire professional coaches to deliver high-quality sporting sessions as part of the P.E. curriculum. These have included tennis, football, dance, gymnastics, TAG rugby and Judo.

  • Hire professional coaches to deliver high-quality after-school clubs in a range of exciting sporting activities. These have included archery, skateboarding and Karate.

  • Employ an apprentice play leader.

  • Sports markings for the school playground.

  • Increase the range of equipment that the children have access to during playtimes and P.E. lessons, therefore exposing the children to a greater range of physical activities.

  • Hire Elite Sports Development Coaches in order to provide a detailed report on improvements in overall individual health and fitness in an academic year.


  • Outstanding PE provision across the school (curriculum, assessment, use of TA’s)

  • Increase of knowledge from staff with regards to teaching PE.

  • All children in KS2 have access to competitive competition

  • All children have the opportunity to attend a range of exciting sporting after-school clubs.

  • Change4life club now being offered to whole KS2.

  • Identification of able and gifted children and established pathways to local clubs/coaching

  • An increase of physical activity by pupils of all ages within the school.

  • A change in attitude and lifestyle by pupils towards physical activity.


We measure the impact of the Sports Premium by using questionnaires with pupils and parents, attendance of CPD opportunities by staff, participation in sporting events and attendance figures at after-school clubs.

  • Since the previous OFSTED inspection, obesity within our children has dropped from well above national averages to well-below national averages.


  • Over the past two years, over 90% of the whole school have attended a sporting after-school club.

  • Pupils from Green Haworth have represented the Borough of Hyndburn at athletics, football and Tennis.

  • Outstanding P.E. provision and practice is in place confirmed by the award of the nationally recognised kitemark award for P.E.

  • An increased number of Green Haworth pupils are joining sports clubs outside of school.

  • Children bring healthier packed-lunches to school.

Green Haworth regularly attend the Sainsbury's School Sports Games events organised by Accrington Academy. Recently the Year 3 and 4 football team was very successful coming third in their competition and receiving these great medals! WELL DONE!

Click on the icon above to access a database of local sports clubs that support provision for primary aged children in a range of sports across Hyndburn and Ribble Valley. The document includes training dates and contact details.

Year 3 and 4 Football Team

Year 3 and 4 Football Team 1

Fitness Testing - October 2015

The whole of Green Haworth School has taken part in fitness testing which was organised by Elite Sport Development. We will repeat this testing at the end of the year to see if our PE lessons, extra curricular sports provision and our attitude towards Healthy Eating has an effect on pupil's health.

All of the pupils enjoyed this and saw it as a fun activity rather than a test.


School Sports Crew smiley


Our School Sports Organising Crew are a group of children who have been selected to support the organising of the Sainsbury's School Games. They help to organise and officiate at the end of term Interschool competitions. They have also lead fitness testing across the school which will be repeated each term. The School Sports Organising Crew also work like the school council and they can put forward ideas for how we can improve PE and opportunities for sport in our school.


We will soon be adding new members to the School Sports Crew to replace the Year 6 members that have left. See Mrs Gleadhill if you are interested.



Katie is a dance teacher who teaches at Accrington Academy. Through the School Sports Partnership we are lucky to be able to have her teach in our school for half a term.

She is spending one lesson a week with both Class 1 and Class 2.


Here are some photos from her first session with Class 2.



Class 1 and 2 are currently benefitting from a Gymnastics coach who teaches at a local high school and also runs her own gymnastics club! Toni will be teaching a lesson a week until February half term. Here are some photos from her first lesson with class 2 when they worked on building strength, balancing and position.



Children will be chosen from Class 2 to participate in the Sainsbury's School Games level 2 Gymnastics competition at Hollins High School which is coming up soon!

School Sports Crew smiley


Our School Sports Organising Crew are a group of children who have been selected to support the organising of the Sainsbury's School Games. They help to organise and officiate at the end of term Interschool competitions. They have also lead fitness testing across the school which will be repeated each term. The School Sports Organising Crew also work like the school council and they can put forward ideas for how we can improve PE and opportunities for sport in our school.


The School Sports Organising Crew are:

Evan, Harvey, Reece, Khubaib, Hasham

Sebastian, Courtney, Kaydee, Charley, Declan.


Picture 1
This competition is one of the many Sainsbury's School Sports level 2 competitions that Green Haworth participates in. These are organised by staff at Accrington Academy.

Martial Arts


We currently have a Martial Arts club running after school on a Friday.

Small Schools Indoor Athletics Champions!


A team of Year 5 and 6 boys have recently won the Small Schools Indoor Athletics which took place at Hyndburn Leisure Centre. The competition consisted of several sprint relays, long jump, vertical standing jump and javelin. The boys performed particularly well in the sprints and, as you can see from the photos, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

Tennis Coaching - September 2014 and September 2015


Class 2 and 3 had six weeks of tennis coaching by qualified coach Jacqui Lowe. During these sessions they learnt many skills including serving, volleying, forehand and backhand strokes. They even had a competition at the end!

July 2014


Another fantastic Sports Day at Green Haworth!


The family picnic proceeded the National Anthem and the fun began!

Have a look at the photos. How well did you do? Can you spot yourself and your classmates?




Sports Premium funds total £8,355 in the 2013-2014 financial year.

Summer term
Competitive inter-school events this term:
  • Tennis (Sebastian in Class 3 is current Hyndburn & Ribble Valley Champion)
  • Dodgeball
  • Hockey
  • Hyndburn Netball league
  • Hyndburn Football League (we are currently 5th halfway through the season)
  • Year 2/3 football Comp
  • Tag Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Swimming


  • All of KS2 will have a 13 week swimming programme including Lifesaving skills for the most able.
  • Professional football coaching with Accrington Stanley FC
  • Professional cricket coaching with Enfield CC
Spring term
Competitive inter-school events during the spring term:
Indoor athletics small schools county finals (we finished 8th in all of Lancashire last year)
Hyndburn Football league
Cross country
Tag Rugby
  • Whole school 'Chill Factor' experience, Winter Olympics events:  Ski-ing, Luge, Sledging
  • Archery after-school club                                                                            
  • 'Squash' PE sessions for KS2
  • Paralympic after-school club                                                      



Autumn term
Competitive events for the Autumn term:
  • Ferngore Cup Football (we have won twice in the last three years)
  • Hyndburn Indoor Athletics Competition (we are reigning small school champions three years running)
  • Gymnastics
  • Biathlon



After-school clubs for the autumn term:


  • Football
  • Tag Rugby
  • Film
  • Table Tennis
  • Olympic Multi-skills
  • Street Dance
  • Bangra Dance
  • Dodgeball
  • Handball




  • School Sports Partnership annual membership                 
  • KS2 PE Gymnastics & trampoline sessions                                          
  • Dance coaching for staff                                                                              
  • Gymnastics coaching for staff                                                    
  • Tag Rugby after-school club                                                       
  • Football after-school club                                                            
  • Street Dance after school club                                                  
  • Multi-skills after-school club                                                      
  • Delivery of KS2 PE ‘dance’                                                                 
  • Delivery of KS2 PE ‘gymnastics’                                                       




46% of our total school roll have represented Green Haworth at an inter-school event in the Autumn term.
This is 76% of pupils from Years 2-6 that were available!
Olympic Fever - Hockey, Boccia, Athletics, Football
17.10.12   Year 2 and Year 3 pupils attended this fun event at Norden High School. Organised by the School Sports Partnership, children got a skills session in each of the above events. Despite the thunder, hailstone and heavy rain, all pupils thoroughly enjoyed the event.
Charley   Elan   Jack C.   Hasham   Charlie   Josh   Tia   Madison   Jayden   Kori   Sebastian   Kaydee   Shannon   Thomas   Scott
11.10.12   Our football team competed in two friendly matches at Accrington Academy. We lost 3-2 in the first match versus Benjamin Hargreaves Primary School and 1-0 in the second match versus St. Nicholas'. Well done to all nine players who competed well in both matches.
Oliver    Marcus    Reece    Daniel    Kylie    Mark    David    Connor    Jack. D    Paul
Unfortunately, we were unable to participate in the Hyndburn Inter-School Football Finals at Hollins due to the two day Ofsted inspection. 
28.09.12   Congratulations to our football team for getting to the final of the Ferngore Cup. After defeating 'derby' rivals St. Oswald's (1-0)and St. Paul's (3-1), we were very unlucky to lose the final to St. Peter's. The score was 0-0 after extra-time but the team lost 4-1 on penalties. Photos of the event are available at
Oliver   Marcus   Reece   Daniel   Kylie   Mark   David   Connor  
25.09.12   Our netball team competed in a taster event at Norden High School. We won two matches and were defeated in one. Well done, to all those who participated:
Kylie   Connor   Brandon   Bethoney   Paige   Harvey   Faith   Charlotte

Children from Class 1 had the opportunity to attend a 'Curling event' at Accrington Academy last night. The four children that were chosen made it to the semi-finals. They behaved impeccably and really enjoyed themselves. Well done, Violet, Caden, Shabaz and Archie! :)

Curling event