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Spiritual Development

Green Haworth Church of England Primary School seeks to promote spiritual development within a context of Christian beliefs, values and worship, and to provide pupils with opportunities to explore the Christian Faith and develop a personal relationship with God.


The School therefore aims to give pupils: 

  • a set of Christian beliefs and values by which to live;
  • a sense of transcendence – that there is more to life than ‘meets the eye’, more than a physical or material existence;
  • an awareness of order, pattern, meaning and purpose in the World – leading towards an understanding that for Christians, creation is a revelation of God’s loving purposes;
  • a capacity for awe, wonder and mystery, an awareness of uncertainty and paradox;
  • a sense of personal identity and self-worth and of all others as created in God’s image;
  • self-knowledge, and an awareness and growth of feelings, emotions and imagination;
  • an understanding of Christian teaching on life and death, on suffering, grief and loss;
  • an awareness of God’s love and care for them personally;
  • an understanding of the Christian belief of Jesus as Saviour.


The School sets out to provide opportunities in collective worship and throughout the Curriculum and life of the School for pupils to:

  • be quiet and reflect on life and the World and develop an awareness of God;
  • become familiar with traditional forms of Christian prayer and worship including Christian religious festivals;
  • become familiar with the St. Clement’s Church building;
  • give thanks to God for the creation, preservation, salvation and the promise of eternal life;
  • use a variety of prayer forms and techniques;
  • use their own prayers;
  • question, explore, discuss and give an account of their own beliefs;
  • understand and evaluate Christian and other faiths’ interpretations and responses to life;
  • use their gifts of imagination and creativity;
  • explore and express feelings and emotions;
  • develop respect for others as independent, thinking, feeling people;
  • face difficult or distressing matters in a context of loving Christian teaching and support.


Spiritual Development has to take place in a particular context, in our case, that of Christian belief and practice. Christian spiritual development shares features with other forms of spirituality in that it is concerned with coming to know ourselves, learning to reflect on experiences, exploring important questions of how to live and treat others, and so reaching a set of beliefs and values by which to guide our lives. Its distinctiveness, most importantly, consists in its capacity through a context of Christian worship, life and teaching, to offer opportunities for all in our School community to develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus.


Spiritual development in a Christian context is only possible when there is growth of the whole person. It therefore forms the basis for the other three areas of moral, social and cultural development. 

A Prayer for Ukraine

God of peace and justice,
we pray for the people of Ukraine today.
We pray for peace and the laying down of weapons.
We pray for all those who fear for tomorrow,
that your Spirit of comfort would draw near to them.
We pray for those with power over war or peace,
for wisdom, discernment and compassion to guide their decisions.
Above all, we pray for all your precious children, at risk and in fear,
that you would hold and protect them.
We pray in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

At times like this we wonder just exactly what we can do that can make a difference and of course the answer to that question is to pray. As people who believe in an almighty, loving God who can do the impossible, we can pray with confidence that we will be heard.  

On the Christian Aid and Tearfund web sites there are also ways in which we can give practical help.


‘Please pray for peace for Ukraine’: the Church of England congregation which meets in Kyiv | The Church of England


A Prayer for Ukraine | The Archbishop of York


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Ukraine crisis: How Psalm 31 is bringing comfort - News - Bible Society


Ukraine Crisis Appeal - Christian Aid


Ukraine Crisis - Tearfund

Explore Lent at home

Daily Worship - COVID-19

Although we are unable to meet together as a whole school, we are still holding daily collective worship in each class. This term we are focusing on ‘The Words of Jesus’. As part of a structured recovery curriculum, we have created a less formal experience that provide pupils with

  • an opportunity to talk about their experiences, positive and negative, during lockdown.
  • space to express the emotions and feelings they have encountered during lockdown and on their return to school.
  • time to reflect and ask questions about the events of 2020.

All of which will be underpinned by Biblical teaching and Christian values.  Pupils of different faith backgrounds are encouraged to make their own connections as appropriate and share them with their peers.


Daily worship w/b 15.03.21

Daily worship w/b 08.03.21

Daily worship w/b 01.03.21

daily worship w/b 22.02.21

Daily worship w/b 08.02.21

Daily worship w/b 01.02.21

Daily worship w/b 25.01.21

Daily Worship w/b 18.01.21

Charity 2020-2021


 In Autumn 2, we supported the BBC Children in Need appeal. Children in all classes enjoyed fun activities and raised an outstanding £140.20!


We also continued our support for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Poppy’s and other accessories were sold in each bubble raising a collective total of £131.00!

Harvest Charity


At this time of year, we traditionally invite our Green Haworth families to join us for our Harvest Service. Sadly, this is another event we will miss out on. However, we would still like to support our local community by bringing Harvest Food Parcels to school; we will accept any packaged, tinned or boxed goods but please check the use by date! To encourage donations, next Wednesday 21 October (the last day of half-term) will be a full non-uniform day.

Please bring goods any time until Wednesday next week. I will deliver the food parcels, following a quarantined period, during half-term.

The Accrington Christians Together Foodbank is still open. They are keen to be able to help families who are struggling to feed children at home or have recently found themselves out of work or furloughed.

Last year we (Accrington Christians Together Foodbank) were very grateful to receive a huge amount of harvest gifts from many of the local schools which made a big difference to the food bank.  We would be thrilled if you would consider donating your Harvest gifts to us again this year. Every month we give food to between 50 and 60 families and as you can imagine it is a challenge to maintain the food supply.”                        Alison Gabriel, A.C.T. co-ordinator


If you know someone who is need of support, they are operating with a delivery service and food parcels can be booked by ringing The Food Bank on 0751024359.


Bishop of Blackburn's Harvest Appeal


The challenges, sadness's and consequences of the Pandemic have been very dark for some, but there have also been glimmers of light and hope for the future.

In recent months there has been a sabbath rest for the natural world, less pollution, more bird-song, more attention to the garden and the allotment, new exploration of the countryside. A fresh opportunity to engage with the beauty and wonder of the world that God has made.

We’ve also been reminded of the importance of the retail food chain, an extraordinary supply that kept stacking the shelves of our shops, but only because of the dedication of lots of workers behind the scenes here and around the world. Recognition and appreciation of the work others do has increased and that must be a good thing.

One way we can help one another to do that is to respond to this year’s Bishop’s Harvest Appeal. As with previous years, we are supporting two agencies, which are both seeking to bring relief to those most affected by the Covid 19 crisis, Friends of the Holy Land and TEAR Fund. However, there are two changes this year. Instead of dividing the receipts equally between both agencies, we are inviting givers to state their preference for one or the other or both. Secondly, for the first time this year, giving can be done online.

I know that for many personal finances are really stretched. The same is true for many parishes as they seek to fund the costs of ministry and mission around the diocese. In October I am calling for two weeks of prayer, followed by two weeks of appeal for parishes to receive what they need to maintain their work at current levels. It was a challenge before the pandemic. It is now more serious.

But as Christians we look to others before ourselves and a generous response to the Harvest Appeal this year will demonstrate that. It will also prepare the way for the appeal for parish funds.

Let’s respond as a Christian community to the grace and generosity of God, by giving Him and the work of the Gospel access to the funds at our disposal, to further His mission here and around the world. I often quote those words of King David in the Old Testament, where he made a prophetic statement.

May our giving this Autumn express the compassion of Jesus for those most in need of support and help many to come to know and love Him for themselves, both here in this great diocese of Blackburn, but in other places around the world.

May God bless our giving and generosity.

Rt Rev Julian Henderson
Bishop of Blackburn


If you would like to support the Bishop of Blackburn’s Harvest appeal, a message from Bishop Julian:

Worship themes 2020-2021:


The following themes are to be followed by school and home learners during Spring term: 


Week Beginning

Assembly theme


Who is Jesus?


Seeing things differently










Inspired by St. David







Pentecost activities