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Spiritual Development

Green Haworth Church of England Primary School seeks to promote spiritual development within a context of Christian beliefs, values and worship, and to provide pupils with opportunities to explore the Christian Faith and develop a personal relationship with God.


The School therefore aims to give pupils: 

  • a set of Christian beliefs and values by which to live;
  • a sense of transcendence – that there is more to life than ‘meets the eye’, more than a physical or material existence;
  • an awareness of order, pattern, meaning and purpose in the World – leading towards an understanding that for Christians, creation is a revelation of God’s loving purposes;
  • a capacity for awe, wonder and mystery, an awareness of uncertainty and paradox;
  • a sense of personal identity and self-worth and of all others as created in God’s image;
  • self-knowledge, and an awareness and growth of feelings, emotions and imagination;
  • an understanding of Christian teaching on life and death, on suffering, grief and loss;
  • an awareness of God’s love and care for them personally;
  • an understanding of the Christian belief of Jesus as Saviour.


The School sets out to provide opportunities in collective worship and throughout the Curriculum and life of the School for pupils to:

  • be quiet and reflect on life and the World and develop an awareness of God;
  • become familiar with traditional forms of Christian prayer and worship including Christian religious festivals;
  • become familiar with the St. Clement’s Church building;
  • give thanks to God for the creation, preservation, salvation and the promise of eternal life;
  • use a variety of prayer forms and techniques;
  • use their own prayers;
  • question, explore, discuss and give an account of their own beliefs;
  • understand and evaluate Christian and other faiths’ interpretations and responses to life;
  • use their gifts of imagination and creativity;
  • explore and express feelings and emotions;
  • develop respect for others as independent, thinking, feeling people;
  • face difficult or distressing matters in a context of loving Christian teaching and support.


Spiritual Development has to take place in a particular context, in our case, that of Christian belief and practice. Christian spiritual development shares features with other forms of spirituality in that it is concerned with coming to know ourselves, learning to reflect on experiences, exploring important questions of how to live and treat others, and so reaching a set of beliefs and values by which to guide our lives. Its distinctiveness, most importantly, consists in its capacity through a context of Christian worship, life and teaching, to offer opportunities for all in our School community to develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus.


Spiritual development in a Christian context is only possible when there is growth of the whole person. It therefore forms the basis for the other three areas of moral, social and cultural development. 

Pentecost activities

Christian Values themes 2019-2020:


During Autumn 1, our Christian value theme is 'thankfulness'. Our Autumn 2 theme is 'trust'. 


Week Beginning


Assembly theme

Autumn 1




Philippians 1.3

Thanking God for People who help us


Psalm 148

Praising God in creation


Ephesians 5.20

Remembering to say thank you


Acts 16.16

Giving thanks when time are difficult


1 Thessalonians 5.16

Counting your blessings


Mark 4, 3.9

Living Fruitful lives







Autumn 2




Ecclesiastes 4, 9-10

Knowing our friends will support us


Mark 4, 35-41

Knowing Jesus is with us in stormy times


Isaiah 41.10

Standing on God’s promises


Proverbs 11.13

Being Trustworthy, not gossiping


Isaiah 49, 15-16

Trusting God


Luke 1, 26-38

Believing God has a plan for our lives