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Welcome to Green Haworth Church of England Primary School


Green Haworth C of E Primary School is a unique building that incorporates St. Clement's Parish Church (now the school's spirituality room) and is set amongst the green hills of Lancashire overlooking Accrington.

The present building dates from 1833, as per the inscription above the old main door. This states that it was a 'National School', which means it was built by the Church of England to offer education to local children. The church first opened a Day School on April 27th 1846, when Mr William Kenyon was appointed as the first schoolmaster. By 1854 there were 160 scholars on roll at the Day School and this gave rise to the rebuilding of the school in 1859. 

The school was adopted by the Local Education Authority of Accrington in 1902 and became Voluntary Aided in 1946 (after the Education Act of 1944).

 Visitors to the school are soon aware of the special family atmosphere and parents are encouraged to become part of school life. 
The education we offer is to enable young people to have not only the knowledge but also the attitudes, values and characteristics that will enable them to flourish in an ever-changing and demanding world. The education we offer goes beyond the purely academic. It must enable our young people to discover their unique place in the world, their God-given purpose; to realise their potential in the knowledge that the world is a poorer place without them.                            
Our admission number is 12.