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School holiday pattern 2018-2019

School Holiday pattern 2019-2020

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Keeping your child safe online - a guide for parents and carers

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Notes for parents: EYFS Asessment

The minimum attendance level which is expected for all primary aged children nationally is 95%. Further to this, individual schools are required to set an annual target for attendance. Green Haworth's target for this year is 96%. In order for us to meet this target we need to ask that all pupils aim for this level of attendance. A good attendance record is vital because even short periods of absence can mean that a child’s ability to keep up with school work may be significantly reduced. Friendship groups can also be affected by time away from school and this can be very upsetting for children.


In order to assess our progress in meeting this challenging target we review the attendance of individual pupils at least once every half term and contact parents of children who are not meeting the target to find out if they need any help or support.


Family holidays should not be taken during term time. Mr. Turner is not able to authorise these and your child will be marked as taking unauthorised leave.


Mr. Turner is able to authorise leave for exceptional circumstances such as funerals and a form needs to be completed to request this authorisation. The form is available from the office and it should be completed and returned to the office.


The happiness and educational progress of all the children at Green Haworth are our priorities and we believe that good attendance is a major way in which these priorities can be achieved. It is for this reason that we ask for your support in this matter. If you would like any further advice in relation to attendance please do not hesitate to contact school.

Snow Procedures

Procedures for school closures: In the event of school being inaccessible to vehicles from Willows Lane, I will make a decision on whether to close the school.


If snow has fallen overnight, listen to Radio Lancashire (95.5 FM/855 MW) for regular updates of which schools have been closed.

If school is closed, parents with a mobile phone registered on the school system will receive a text message to explain. I will endeavour to make this judgment as early as possible so that parents have not begun their journey to school. Please share this message with any friends or family as some parents have their phones turned off at certain times of the day.


A message will also be displayed on the front page of this school website.


In the event of heavy snowfall during the school day, members of staff will text all parents to explain that school is closing and pupils need to be taken home.

KS2 SAT's guide

Explanatory notes to parents regarding new assessment systems

Parents guide to tackling extremism and preventing radicalisation

Information concerning 'smoke free cars'

Lancashire County Council – School Admission Appeal Timetable 2019



Papers required to Appeals Team (latest date)

Hearing Date

Hyndburn/ R Valley VA Secs


Friday 3rd May 2019

3rd – 7th June 2019

Hyndburn/Ribble Valley Cty Secs

Friday 17th May 2019

10th – 14th June 2019

Hyndburn/Ribble Valley VA Primary

Monday 20th May 2019

17th -21st June 2019

Hyndburn/Ribble Valley Cty Primary

Monday 10th June 2019

1st – 5th & July 2019