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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3


Mrs O'Donohoe and the Class 3 team have very high expectations of the children in Class 3. Yet also think it is important for everyone to have fun. 
Children in our class have to be prepared to always try their best, have a supportive and enthusiastic attitude and above all respect everyone and everything throughout school.


Welcome back and Happy New Year. Key information or reminders:

In our class reading books can be changed on any day. 

PE - Thursday / 2nd Day TBC

Spellings will be set and tested on a Monday.

Self-isolation Daily Timetable Links

Use the relevant links below for each of the sessions on our timetable. Remember you will need sound on.

Remember to pause the videos to give yourselves enough time to complete the activities set and then start them playing again when you are ready.

English - Friday 7th January - 

Descriptive writing

Write – in the diary style of Private Peaceful - about your first day at school. If you cannot remember that, write about your first day at a new club/ extra curriculum activity

—What do you remember most?
—How did you feel?
—What did you do?
STRETCH - Consider how your feelings link to Tommo’s feelings on his first day at school? Can you think of any quotes from the text that could be applied to you too?

Friday 7th January - Use your Homework grid to select to afternoon activities.

Spring 1 - WW1 - Knowledge Organiser and Homework Menu

Year 5 & 6 Key Words List

All children should be able to spell the words listed below by the time they leave primary school. This, is in addition to their knowlede of phonics, and the Year 3 and 4 word list help set solid foundations for accurate spelling in the future.


You can practise these at home as well as in school. They are coloured in groups of 10 so that you can set yourself mini-tests!


accommodate   accompany   according    achieve    aggressive   amateur    ancient    apparent

appreciate   attached   available   average   awkward   bargain   bruise   category   cemetery

committee   communicate  community  competition   conscience*  conscious*    controversy

convenience  correspond   criticise  curiosity   definite  desperate  determined  develop  dictionary

disastrous  embarrass   environment  equip (–ped, –ment)  especially  exaggerate  excellent

existence  explanation  familiar  foreign  forty  frequently  government  guarantee  harass  hindrance

identity  immediate(ly)  individual  interfere  interrupt  language  leisure  lightning  marvellous

mischievous  muscle  necessary  neighbour  nuisance  occupy  occur  opportunity  parliament

persuade  physical  prejudice  privilege  profession  programme  pronunciation  queue  recognise

recommend  relevant  restaurant  rhyme  rhythm  sacrifice  secretary   shoulder   signature

sincere(ly)  soldier  stomach  sufficient  suggest  symbol  system  temperature  thorough  twelfth

variety  vegetable  vehicle yacht