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October Pupdate

Dear Supporter
What an exciting journey it’s been! When we first met George he had just started his training towards becoming a guide dog, and look at him now, he has reached the destination of his amazing journey and has become a life-changing guide dog for his owner, Simon. This couldn't have happened without your support, so thank you so much.
George is now settling into life as a qualified guide dog, and helps Simon live life to the full. But there are still 1,050 other people waiting for a dog like George. With your help, someday our new pup Goldie could change one of their lives forever.


It seems like only yesterday that we met George for the first time as a bouncy pup. So much has changed and it’s great to see Simon and George continue to blossom as a qualified partnership. We recently popped back to Milton Keynes to see how they’ve been getting on for the final chapter of George’s amazing guide dog journey.

“My confidence has grown since having George by my side and it feels amazing” Simon told us. Their partnership is going really well and they are now inseparable. “When we’re at home George is a companion, and when we are out he is working and enabling me to do the things I enjoy” Simon explained. Simon enjoys visiting the pub with his friends, “George is now one of the lads!” he laughed.

George is well behaved and confident when guiding Simon around his local village. “My friends think I’m a dog whisperer because George is so obedient!” Simon told us.

Once a month, George and Simon are visited by Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, Michela, to make sure everything is running smoothly. “I have to maintain George’s training every day. Even if I know there is a kerb coming up, I make sure he sits, so if I miss one in the future, he will still signal to me to stop” Simon explained.

Simon used to enjoy hiking, before his sight became restricted. His accomplishments include the peaks of both Ben Nevis in Scotland and Snowdon in Wales. When Simon’s sight began to deteriorate five years ago, so did his ability to continue hiking. “I couldn’t go on such long walks when I had the cane, but now I have George, I can enjoy the outdoors” Simon told us.

We are so proud of how far George has come and how he is aiding Simon to continue to do the things he loves.

Simon and his partner have planned a holiday to Morocco. He told us that this will be the first time he has been apart from George since they were first matched. “I am going to miss him so much, but I will be FaceTiming him every day!” Simon laughed.


George has reached huge milestones over the past two years and we wish both him and Simon the happiest life together. They’ve achieved everything they have because of kind people like you and your donations. So from Simon, George and all of us here at Guide Dogs – thank you!


Watch a video of Simon talking about George: