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Secondment 'Q & A' sessions


Earlier in the year, I reported to you (please see letter below) that, after Christmas, I will also be the Headteacher of another school in Burnley whilst also remaining at Green Haworth. Following the letter I sent home, if any parents have concerns about school during this period, I will hold two ‘question and answer’ sessions next week on Wednesday 10 December at 8.40am and 3.00pm in the school hall. Access will be available for parents through the main hall door.



"I have been approached by Lancashire County Council to assist with a school outside of the Hyndburn area that ‘requires improvement’. This secondment has been agreed by the Governing Body of Green Haworth. Therefore, after the Christmas break, I will also be the headteacher of another school whilst remaining at Green Haworth.

This is a temporary secondment and will run from January 1st to August 31st 2015. I will spend three (flexible) days per week at the other school whilst maintaining two days per week at Green Haworth.

In my absence, Miss Jackson will be acting-headteacher. Anything in school that would normally be dealt with by me will be resolved by Miss Jackson in the days I am not in school.

As I will still be Headteacher of Green Haworth, this school and the welfare of the children in it, remains my priority. Miss Jackson is an outstanding teacher and I genuinely believe she will go on to become an outstanding headteacher. If I did not feel that the school was in capable hands, neither I nor the Governing Body would have agreed to the secondment.

The high standards of teaching and learning that have been set in this school over recent years will not be affected."